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  For horse wound care: use on cuts, lacerations, punctures, surgery stitches, fungal infections & skin conditions
Helps Stop Pain and Itching, Inhibits Infection, Speeds Healing

Miller's Equine Wound Care & BooBooGoop Skin Repair Collection


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Powerful Healing for Your Horse Straight from Nature
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Horse Wound Care Salves and Sprays

Helps Stop Pain & Itching
Can be applied to equine cuts, lacerations, surgery stitches, punctures, sweet itch, dock itch, scratches, ringworm, ticks,  insect bites, burns, ant bites, stings and bruises.
A natural insect repellent
Horse Cut Wound Healer with Miller's Equine Wound Care

Faye Rudsenkse wrote about this injury to one of her colts in an article for Modern Arabian Horse in 2009. She used Miller's Salve, light therapy and a lot of patience and this colt made a full recovery.


Socks Before and After
This is by far the worst equine injury I know of on which
Miller's Equine Wound Spray and Salve have been used.

heal your horse with Miller's Wound Care
Socks made a full recovery from this nasty injury.

Miller's Equine Wound Salve
& Spray
alternatives to "single-purpose" equine healing products. Formulated using a combination of powerful essential oils historically known for their healing and pain relieving properties, the spray is more concentrated for use on acute or especially sensitive conditions.  They can be applied to virtually any wound or skin injury requiring protection from infection, bacteria,  proud flesh, scarring, or irritation.
Miller's supports the natural healing process and helps to stimulate the development of healthy tissue and hair re-growth. The aromatic oils also help keep insects, flies and mosquitoes away from the treatment area.

Heal Severe Cuts with Miller's Equine Wound Care

A customer sent these photos covering about a
45 day period. You can see that this injury is severe, cannot be stitched and is vulnerable to infection and proud flesh.  Our spray was used daily for many weeks and you can see the results.
Some horses may be allergic to the plant oils used in our formula.

Miller's Equine Wound Care
for Horses, Dogs & Livestock

Miller's Equine Wound Salve
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8 oz. - $28.00
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Miller's Equine Wound Spray - For Acute Conditions
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8 oz. Bottle with Atomizer: $35.00
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BooBooGoop Skin Repair Salve
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2 oz. Tin - $10.00
4 oz. Tin - $16.50
8 oz. Tin - $28.00
Use the drop down menu to select the size you want
You may order multiple sizes and multiple quantities.
Your final cost will be based on the weight of your total order.
We use Flat Rate Priority whenever possible.
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2 oz. BooBooGoop Spray - For Acute Conditions
Price: $15.00


Gallahad, the gelding who got this whole thing started.
This cut could not be stitched. Now you can barely see
the scar.  He like to held while in the Infirmary.

Horse Cut Healing Treatment using Miller's Equine Wound Care

What Our Customers are Saying! 

"I'm telling ya, that stuff is amazing.  Used it on my dog gash...dried it up within the first use and healed up great within a few days.  We've been using it on one of my girlfriends horses as well and she loves how well it's working."  R. Goodwin Massachusetts Horse Magazine for Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk Counties

Oh my gosh, what can I say except THANK YOU!!  Your product is wonderful.  July 16 we used Miller's for the first time.  The horse was still not happy that night, as we bandaged her, pawing and carrying on.  The next night when we doctored on her, what a difference.  She held completely still and let us apply the wound salve.  That in itself was nothing short of a miracle.  We have been using the salve for 3 wks now, and started using the spray in the morning and afternoon for a week.  The horses leg looks so good.  We are all amazed, I have told many people about this great product and how great it worked for our horse.  No limping or signs that her leg was bothering her.  Again I want to say Thank You.  Yvonne B.,  St. Elizabeth, MO.

It's easy and fast!

Helen Miller, creator and developer
of Miller's Equine Wound Salve and
Boo Boo Goop

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